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MOCKINGBIRDinterview // Holograms

1. One of the main influences in your music that people have picked up on is Joy Division, and it’s easy to see why. However, are there any other bands or artists that have inspired you?

Inspiration for us is more about feelings. That people think we sound like Joy Division is more of a coincidental thing than that we’re consciously trying to sound like them.

2. So, how did you all meet each other?

Me (Anton Spetze) and Filip are brothers, Me and Anton Strandberg went to school together from 6th grade. We became friends with Andreas at a venue we played alot with former bands

3) Losing your jobs must have been a really tough experience, how did you pick yourselves back up from this?

We haven’t. We kind of chose to lose them when we started touring. Filip have got a new job as a swimming pool guard now though

4. You guys are Swedish, but your song lyrics are in English- was this a deliberate decision that you made? If so, why?

We are Swedish yeah but you grow up with the English langugage in Sweden so we can choose. If we wouldn’t have sung in English we would never have got the opportunity to be signed to an American label for example.

5) You were signed pretty much immediately after Captured Tracks heard your demo; what did that feel like?

Unreal. It was hard to understand and it still is hard to understand what we’ve been through the last couple of years.

6. What was it like growing up in working class Sweden? Have these experiences helped to shape your lyrics at all?

There is not really a special place in Stockholm that are particularly working class but all of us are more or less working class. It’s impossible for us to answer that question though. what shapes what you create is everything that has happened to you up to the second you create it.

7. ‘Forever’ came out only fourteen months after ‘Holograms’- had you always planned to release it so soon after?

We planned to release it sooner than that but couldn’t do it for different reasons

8. ‘Forever’ certainly seems more mature and developed than your first album, do you think that there’s a reason behind this?

Because we wanted to. The more raw feeling of the first one is also a conscious decision. We’re not more mature now, it’s just that we wanted to work on the production more on Forever. On the first album we didn’t feel like we needed to. We wanted it to be more straight out of the rehearsal room.

9. Your video for ‘Fever’ might be the trippiest thing I’ve ever witnessed; did you guys have any input creating it?


10. Where do you enjoy playing shows the most?

Everything depends on circumstances more than a certain place

11. Do you guys have plans to release new music anytime in the near future, or will you be keeping us waiting a bit longer?

We are hopefully going in the studio now in the beginning of February.

12. What are your views on R Kelly?


13. Finally, all of us here at Mockingbird are big fans, so is there any chance we can expect to see you in the UK again anytime soon?

Nothing planned at the moment but it will probably happen in the spring/summer


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Earlier this week I had the pleasure of talking to Dave Maclean from the critically acclaimed and Mercury nominated band Django Django. Yes that wasn’t a typo, the actual Django Django. If you ever wanted to know their views on R Kelly and how rave music is influencing their second album then Christmas may have come early for you.

Recently you spoke to the NME and said you are on ‘lockdown’ this year, does this mean we won’t see you popping up at any festivals later in the year?

Well we were on tour for the best part of two years and it was impossible to get any time in the studio, so now it’s time to get stuck into the second album. I suppose we didn’t think the first one would be such a success and that’s been amazing, taking us literally right round the word playing festivals everywhere. So this summer we’ll do a lot less but still hoping to get involved in a few.

You also mentioned that your new music will be ‘rave-influenced’. Does this mean the future of Django Django’s shows could turn into a glow stick, ecstasy fuelled euphoria or is it more of a subtle influence?

Ha I can’t remember saying that… Well rave is a tricky word. I cut my teeth as a DJ in the 90s playing Hardcore, Techno, House etc. then Jungle when that came along. I always imagined that would be the kind of music I would make, underground club records. Then I produced the Django album and that had a big sixties vibe I guess. To be honest it’s hard to push Django in any direction, it seems to have a mind of its own but I’m into a lot of ‘dance’ records that are coming out just now so we will see how much that gets a look in. It’ll be eclectic again that’s for sure. I’d rather it be its own thing than become any genre.

What’s your ambition for the new album?

Just to get it out there and feel like we’ve done our best to a make good record.

Your songs Hail Bop and Waveforms were included in the video games FIFA 13 and GTA V, how did that come about? Was it just as simple as them asking you and you saying yes?

Basically yeah!

You preformed on The Park Stage at Glastonbury last year, what was that like?

It was amazing. Great slot just as the sun went down. The energy off the crowd was amazing. It’s a show I’ll never forget. Huge turn out and great to play before The Horrors too.

Here at Mockingbird a few of us are self-proclaimed R Kelly fans, what are your opinions on him? because you have to admit Real Talk is a tune.

He’s in interesting guy that’s for sure. I love that ‘Trapped in the Closet’ thing he did, Post-modern genius. I play Ignition all the time DJing. It’s a straight banger and the Ladeez love it. So yeah I’m fan I guess.

Finally is scone pronounced scone or scon?

In Scotland it’s a scon. Always.

So who knew it? Django Django are fans of R Kelly. But aren’t we all secretly? On a side note, if you haven’t listened to their self-titled debut then I seriously recommended you sort that. It’s quite possibly one of the best debut albums from recent years.

I’d also just like to say thank you to Django Django, if you’re reading, for taking the time to answer the questions.

~Liam Egan~

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Sam Hammond, lead vocalist of Swiss Lips, has taken time out of their busy schedule to answer some questions that range from their slightly obscure pre-gig ritual to the correct way to pronounce scone. For those who aren’t aware who Swiss Lips are then, firstly shame on you and secondly well you’re about to found out. They are a five piece dance-electro band from Manchester and if you’re partial to a synth or two then these are the band for you. Let’s get started shall we!

What was the most memorable moment of last year?

Touring with Bastille was my highlight, playing to their fans is always a lot of fun.

Are there any plans for UK festivals this year?

Yeah hopefully, we should be able to announce some soon.

If you had to describe your upcoming debut in three words, what would it be?

Worth the wait.

Do you have any pre-gig rituals?

We used to do a circle of pain where we all slapped each other in the face to get psyched for it but sometimes it really hurt so now we just jump up and down and make silly noises to warm our voices up.

Seeing as you’re a Manchester band, what’s your favourite venue in Manchester? 

The Deaf Institute (the correct choice)

Favourite song to play live?

Forever. It’s a new one off our album. It’s a bit darker and really great to sing.

Finally is it pronounced scone or scon?


Well wasn’t that fun? Make sure you keep up to date with mockingbird’s latest post because we have some really exciting interviews coming your way.




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An Obituary For Musical Progression

Over the last few years, a real deep rooted problem has beset music as a whole and these few years have been a kick in the dirt for the musical progression since the late fifties that has shaped the musical world we live in today. Now you may expect this to be another rant about record companies, Simon Cowell and the fact that many of the mainstream music industry struggle to fit the literal definition of a ‘musician’. I’ve had my fair share of rants against such people and I see such rants everyday as soon as I stumble on to Twitter. Everyone thinks that they are bigger than that. That we are all doing music a service by going out of our way to call them all or by listening to bands who are not mainstream or whatever. If you look a little deeper, truth be told is that you are the problem. We all have a part to play in this violent act we are committing against music; standing on the fingers of musical progression as it clings on to the cliffs edge, yet everyone seems blissfully unaware. They think they are superior or noble champions of music when in truth they, us and everyone else is killing it and suffocating it and so making it all the more tragic and bitterly frustrating.

On the whole, the people who have made up the music industry of the last few years are all to blame. They are probably people you are fond of, people you are not or those you couldn’t care less about, however they have all done a lot to leave music in the precarious state it is currently in. This damage has so far had three distinct side effects that have deepened the issue. First off, is that people are not hearing anything new or interesting so they go to the quickest ‘musical’ fix. This has brought about the rise of Simon Cowell and the type of industry he runs. So you have wave upon wave of Little Mix and One Direction fans of which they are all devoid of any true form of music and are only fed entertainment from entertainers. Nothing more. Nothing less. The second side effect is one I partly fit into myself. One of the many who feel so put out and unimpressed by the vast amount of music being created today, that we delve back into the past back to times when music was pushing its boundaries and challenging its own expectations and shaping the culture of the world as a result. It is often difficult to see these shapers of music withered and old, or perhaps long confined to myth, but they are something to cling on to when nothing is happening today. The third side effect is the one that should have been the solution; alas many think that it is the solution in their blindness, but it is just as, if not more damaging of the side effects I speak of. This is the ‘indie’ or the ‘hipster’. It is the generation of the religious NME reader or the Indie Playlist devotee. Their idols are simply walking endorsements for Urban Outfitters and it is where everyone is a ‘mod’ or a ‘punk’ or where everyone is ‘trippy’ and everyone is different yet they are all the same; uniform in their character. The ‘hip’ fringes, the ill-fitting clothes, the fake glasses, the Nutella, the inanimate objects in their twitter names all for what? It certainly isn’t for the music. Though all of us have played our part in what is the looming death of music; I feel that it is the final side effect or the final group that are doing the most damage. The other two groups have always been there to some extent, but the ‘Indie Hipster’ and all the artists and outlets that promote its culture should have been the next generation to push the boundaries and shape the future of music. But instead they just masquerade as ‘the new way’ while providing the same cheap fix that record companies offer up.
The artists that add fuel to this frustrating bonfire could all be packaged in the same way. Like a can of Heinz Baked Beans, they all look the same, do the same, sound the same and copy off the same people but to a much cheaper result. Either way you know what you are going to get. In many ways if these artists aren’t lazy, they are just unimaginative. The simple two part up and down riffs and the jangling rhythm or the obviously placed Oooo’s are often fronted by people who think they are the next Morrissey and try their hardest to sound like they have an allergic reaction to vowels. You’ll get some who try their hardest to be their idols and failing miserably after not seeing the best way to emulate your idols is to copy their actions and not their sound. You may find some who try to convey that cheapest sense of atmosphere but are found out when their methods are the same for every song they have. There is a reason for such shoddiness and predictability and that is down to how the music is not the priority here. Their image is. Try to dress as shabby as possible. A ‘Charity shop chic’ as some call it. Make out you are all trippy and psychedelic in your videos and make cheap references to sex and drugs and to love repeatedly in the most blatant ways with constant lyrics about being ‘Lovesick’ or about not just dreaming in your sleep. The worst of them all was ‘Unzip your Harrington’ from which I prayed for sarcasm. Of course the NME will go on to champion them all as the next big thing and then have the utter ignorance to have the likes of Lennon, Hendrix and Bowie on their front covers. A definition of irony packaged in what is a waste of trees. I feel I have a right to fall back into the past for where is the Lennon or McCartney of this generation? Where is the Pink Floyd? The Bowie? The Hendrix? The Clash? Even the practicality of Britpop is now but a very distant memory.  Who is pushing the boundaries of music in this generation instead of letting it become narrower and narrower in its potential?  Do not read me completely wrong though. You can still find the odd gem today. Though they’ll be crowded out, cheaply copied or ridiculed themselves. 

The most tragic thing is that while many identify with the problem; few will know the cause. They’ll go to a gig and leave it to go and fuck someone in a toilet or go and take some pathetic drug and go around thinking they are ‘trippy’. There is a time and place for it and sex and drugs are not my issue, but the fact the music is being ignored is. The bands don’t care since they do the same and all around it travels in some shitty cycle upon which music becomes weaker and weaker. The likes of Mr Cowell must be rubbing his hands with glee with no one to challenge him. Even he can’t have thought it would be so easy. He’s the real winner here. Don’t you worry though. Entertainers are idolised more than musicians, I’ll be in my imaginary time machine pathetically gazing at the past and you just take your petty drugs, wear your charity shop clothes, buy a vinyl you won’t listen to, drool on the latest copy of NME and smear Nutella all over your face for you are ‘vibing so hard’ and doing a great service to music for which the next generation will love us for.


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With the majority of bands these days- actually, for as long as I can remember- consisting of predominantly male members, it’s easy to forget how many amazing female-fronted groups, female artists and girl bands are about right now. Here are just seven examples of these that prove there are alternatives to listening to some ginger bird who looks like she’s been dragged backwards through Claire’s Accessories screaming at the top of her lungs about misery (sorry, Paramore):

Wolf Alice // After recent stints supporting Swim Deep and The 1975 on tour, it’s quickly become apparent that Wolf Alice are The Next Big Thing- and it’s easy to see why. Their versatile sound combines stunning front-woman Ellie Rowsell’s  honey sweet vocals with an individual brand of teen angst-fuelled pop rock, heavily inspired by the 90s grunge movement, creating something so deeply immersive that it makes you relive every embarrassing moment of your adolescence. In a good way, of course. Tracks to download: Fluffy, White Leather, She, Bros, NoseDive


Marina and the Diamonds // Although it’s easy for us teenagers to dismiss anything branded as ‘pop’ music with a roll of the eyes and an “ugh, how mainstream” (myself included), there’s no denying that Marina Diamondis has a cracking set of lungs on her and an incredible knack for writing catchy, upbeat pop songs that every teenage girl can sing along to in front of their bedroom mirror. The staggering diversity of her song-writing style was shown off perfectly with the introduction of alter ego ‘Electra Heart’ and the eponymous album to follow- making the transition from dynamic, piano-based soap opera that was her first album to a more chart friendly sound. I challenge you to find me an artist more versatile. Tracks to download: Homewrecker, Power and Control, Hypocrates, How to be a Heartbreaker, Mowgli’s Road, Obsessions


Hole // Perhaps one of the most famous female-fronted bands of all time (in no small part down to outspoken frontwoman Courtney Love), Hole are renowned for their monstrous guitar riffs, sneering vocals and often self-deprecating lyrics that allowed them to become a major success in the 90s. With another album rumoured to be in the pipeline, what better time to give them a listen? Tracks to download: Awful, Hit So Hard, Dying, Doll Parts, Miss World


Deap Vally- When my ears are viciously accosted by the lusty vocals of duo Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards, the first two words I think of are Girl Power. It’s easy to draw comparisons between Deap Vally and riot grrrl bands of the past, but they also have a sound certainly similar in some aspects to bands like The White Stripes. Their debut album ‘Sistronix’ took critics by storm, and gave fellow feminists something to aspire to, making 2014 look a very promising year for this Los Angeles duo. Tracks to download: Creeplife, Bad For My Body, Woman of Intention, End of the World


Miley Cyrus- Love her or hate her, you have to look up to the courageous Miss Cyrus for making the leap from fresh faced Disney Channel sweetheart to a latex-wearing, tongue-waggling, booty-twerking pop sensation. She’s been in the public eye for as long as I can remember, and with the release of her latest album, the fittingly titled ‘Bangerz’, we’ve seen a whole new side to her from the Taylor Swift wannabe of the past. Miley’s grown up and I love it. Singing about everything from metaphorical wrecking balls to doing doughnuts in a car park in a 4x4, it’s impossible not to find her songs even a tiny bit catchy. Give her a listen and she might just become your not-so-guilty pleasure. Tracks to download: 4x4, Do My Thang, FU, Adore You, Wrecking Ball


M.I.A.- Since her emergence onto the scene way back in 2005 with the release of her debut album ‘Arular’, M.I.A. has always upheld her reputation for being one step ahead of everyone else. Combining hard-hitting beats with equally hard-hitting home truths, she’s regarded as one of the most revolutionary artists of our generation- and her latest album ‘Matangi’ further proved that point. Maya’s music is more than just music- it’s a political statement, an outcry, a plea for change and a clash between Western culture and Eastern influences. Tracks to download: Y.A.L.A., Paper Planes, Warriors, XXXO, BORN FREE, Bad Girls, Matangi


Crystal Castles- Crystal Castles, a musical marriage of producer Ethan Kath and vocalist Alice Glass arguably changed the face of dance music forever with the release of their self titled debut album six years ago. Their gritty, electronic style fused with more meaningful lyrics than the genre had ever really seen before immediately placed them at the forefront of most critic’s minds, and quickly gained them vast numbers of fans. With the release of each album since, their sound has developed more and more, becoming something dark, enchanting and empowering that appeals to the deepest, darkest corners of the mind while freeing the body. Tracks to download: Alice Practice, Not In Love, Empathy, Doe Deer, Kerosene



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RocknRoll Time Machine // The Beatles and Consequent Solo Projects

The Beatles were an incredibly influential band, and still are. I don’t trust a person who doesn’t like at least one Beatles song, and to those who’ve decided, ‘ah they’re too pop for me #punkrock’ you are missing out, my friend.

Through the 10 years they spent together, from 1960 to ’70, they made plenty of records that definitely deserve their place in history and bands and artists still tribute them with covers. The music of the Beatles hasn’t aged, there are still thousands of fans out there who know all the lyrics and have a little cry to Eleanor Rigby. They’ve broken countless records, sold over a billion units and their song ‘Yesterday’ is the official most played song on the radio ever. They have 13 legitimate studio albums, and two days after ’67 album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was released, Jimi Hendrix opened with it at a huge London gig. The ultimate Beatles tribute. But what is so special about this band that they are said to be the BIGGEST band of all time?


It’s 1965. You’re reading the newspaper, you sigh once again. The Beatles are in the paper AGAIN. “What makes this pop group any better than the countless others that have flitted through the charts?” you say in exasperation. You’re about to find out.

Whizz back to the present day for a moment, however undesirable that may be for you. There are fans all over the world, spreading through THREE generations. Millions of fans.

“Yeah yeah, but Bieber (who is shit) has millions of fans too, who cares?”

The Beatles are a band that doesn’t stick to one style. Whether you’re seeking something calm or loud, or rocky or beautiful- there is a song out there for everyone it seems. Though at first, a lot of their music was centered on love songs, as the years went by the music changed. They write about everything. Seriously- if you want revolution or underlying political meaning or you’re after the psychedelic acid music there is something. So that’s why they’re different, because they can change.

 Solo Projects

John, Paul, George and Ringo all went on to form solo projects after the Beatles broke up, some of the most successful being Wings (Paul), Plastic Ono Band (John) and George as a solo artist. Although they had influences from the many different styles the Beatles experimented with, from Within You Without you to Revolution 9, or The Long and Winding Road to I Saw Her Standing There, these solo projects each had a unique thing about them.


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pro-valentines playlist

Here are five smashing tracks to get you well through the day.

Haim//Honey & I
If anyone knows how to make a catchy tune that will get everyone singing and dancing to, it’s the sisters from LA that are known as Haim. Taken from their debut Days Are Gone, “Honey & I” is the perfect mellow yet enjoyable song that makes you want to chill out.

INXS//Never Tear Us Apart
Arguably being INXS’s most famous song that has been covered by many is “Never Tear Us Apart”. The song entails Australian vocalist Michael Hutchence soothingly singing about “two worlds colliding” and such love talk people come out with when (presumably) madly in love. Perfect for Valentine’s Day clearly.

Wolf Alice//She
So; you find out your boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) has dumped you and run off with someone better. Before doing anything else you must listen to the grungey “She” by the no other than Fly Award winning Wolf Alice. With the roaring riffs and thumping drums, you’ll be out of that bad mood in no time! And probably now in fact in a more rebellious one.

Two Door Cinema Club//Changing of the Seasons
Forget about the dick who dumped you and concentrate on this song; “Changing of the Seasons” by Two Door Cinema Club is absolutely guaranteed to give you a reason to be happy with its lively beats and catchy riffs that make you dance around.

Drenge//People In Love Make Me Feel Yuck
Obviously this is the big one. It is certain that every Drenge fan has listened to this an absolute bare minimum of once today. As Twitter has been full of embarrassing and cringe worthy tweets, just as many people have also been tweeting screen shots of the short song playing, summing up their Valentines Day. Well, what can I say? “People in Love Make Me Feel Yuck” is unquestionably my song of the day and shall continue to be my annual February 14th song. What’s not to love about it?


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How did Horror House form? How did you guys meet?

We met in a music college at the end of 2012 then started our first project, towards the end of 2014 we decided that we’d change things up and start over as horror house.

You played at the 02 Academy in Islington in October last year, what was your favourite thing about playing there?
Just the greatest experience we have had as performers, to have the place filled out and having people singing our songs and dancing was just and out of this world feeling. Definitely a milestone for the band.

I believe you are playing a gig in Zigfrid von Underbelly of Hoxton in London on Tuesday 11th Feb, are you looking forward to this?

 We can’t wait, we haven’t been gigging for a while so it’ll be good to get back out there. 

Thank you for taking this interview aha, so how is 2014 looking for you?

We are really excited to see what 2014 holds for us, hopefully the hard work we’re putting in pays off and we start making a name for ourselves. Along with an E.P release and lots of gigging, it certainly looks interesting. 
What is the no.1 Horror House tune everyone needs to hear?
Sam: my favourites are La Luna, Wves and westcoast; La Luna and Wves are available for free download on our soundcloud and they’re super fun to play live! Westcoast is really laid back and chill, apart from those two songs my favourite song is November Nights, with it’s floaty synth line and epic ‘feel’ it’s definitely one to hear live.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HorrorHouseband

Twitter: https://twitter.com/horrorhouseband

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/horrorhouseband

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5 Albums to look forward to this year

I was going to kick-off this article with a summary of 2013 but we all know what happened, right? There were some great albums and some not so good ones *cough* Daft Punk *cough*, yes that’s right Random Access Memories is a poor album but that’s a tale for another day. Actually, I’ll tell you why and it can be the intro. Well basically would people still say RAM was a good album if Daft Punk didn’t make it or if they didn’t have such a high status in music? I reckon if people listened to RAM without knowing it was by Daft Punk then the response would be that it’s a pretty average and poor album. Also, surely nobody wants to listen to Get Lucky again do they? Now enough with that and let’s focus on what this article is really about, the 5 albums that I’m looking forward to the most this year.

JAWS - The first album on this list that I can’t wait to sink my teeth into is JAWS’ debut album. For those who have read my previous articles, you’ll already know how much I adore these lads from Birmingham. From the lazy, baggy vibes of ‘Friend Like You’ to the synth induced euphoria that is ‘Toucan Surf’, which perfectly contrasts their full on riot starter ‘Gold’, JAWS have so many sounds to play with that the prospect of their debut gets me all excited inside. I honestly can’t wait for it and, if all goes to plan, we could have one of the best albums of 2014 on the horizon.


The Maccabees- This lot don’t really need any introduction. With three critically acclaimed albums already on their mantelpiece, one of which was nominated for the Mercury Prize award in 2012, people are expecting big things from The Maccabees. Given To The Wild is one of the greatest records to grace humanities eardrums, so a follow up could prove difficult. This could explain why it’s been such a long wait for their next album to surface but I have faith! 2013 was a quiet year for them and they only made a few festival appearances, one of which I was lucky enough to see. This shows they must be taking this fourth endeavour very seriously indeed.


The Horrors – Another band trying to tackle that difficult fourth album are The Horrors. Back in 2011, a lot of people were questioning if Faris Badwan & Co. could produce a good enough follow up to their 2009 Mercury Prize nominated masterpiece ‘Primary Colours’. To fans and music lovers’ delight they did with their album ‘Skying’. But can they do it again? Initially this album was scheduled for a 2013 release but was pushed back to 2014, the stated reason being that the band felt like the album wouldn’t be mixed in time, so a 2014 release gives them time to do that and possibly write new tracks. It’s clear that The Horrors have become perfectionists and this could either be a curse or a blessing, we’ll have to wait and see.

DIIV – right this is a tricky one. Frontman Zachary Cole Smith promised us a March or April 2014 release for their sophomore album but recent events could change this. In the last couple of months DIIV have been cancelling shows left, right and centre, one of which was Leeds festival, news that was broken to me as I waited for them to come on right in front of the stage. Grrr. Also Zach’s Bonnie & Clyde style relationship with singer Sky Ferreira has seen him landed in trouble with the police over heroin possession and vehicle theft. This has left many sceptical over DIIV’s future, but isn’t all that stuff the sort of thing you’re supposed to get up to when you’re in a band? Cole has expressed that the new record will be a much darker album which reflects his life since the release of their debut ‘Oshin’, which is one of my favourite albums of all time. This can be heard on their new track ‘Dust’ which they have been playing live recently, that’s when they don’t cancel that is. It sounds like they want tracks with a bit more bite, not ones with a stoner spacey shoe-gaze feeling. Also with a new album means a tour! So I might be able to finally see them live, unless they cancel AGAIN!

Temples- We started with a debut album so we’ll finish on one. This is the only album on this list with an actual release date, 10th February 2014. In 2013 Temples received much critical acclaim, even from Noel Gallagher and Johnny Marr, and this album is greatly anticipated in the music industry. Their psychedelic vibes mirror that of Kevin Parker’s Tame Impala, who have gone on to great success, and I believe Temples will follow them in their footsteps. Many critics have been suggesting that Temples will be 2014′s best new band and I hope this comes true, as long as JAWS are up there too.

 So that’s it, my personal list of albums I’m looking forward to this year. Obviously there are other bands such as alt-J, The Cribs, The Drums, Tame Impala and The xx, who are going to release us something or give slight indication of what they are doing this year. But because of the lack of evidence and uncertainty, I didn’t want to include them in case I got your hopes up and they were like ‘Hey, we’re releasing our album in 2015′. The last thing I need is an angry mob after me.

~Liam Egan~

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The debut EP from London band Wolf Alice is one that showcases their diverse musical range in the best way possible. I had the pleasure of seeing this band live last year, and they were very very good, so I had high hopes for this EP, and I was most certainly not disappointed.

The opening track ‘Blush’ starts off with the seemingly delicate voice of lead vocalist Ellie Rowsell with a track that is not too dissimilar from the angelic realms of their track White Leather. About halfway through, you get the whispery screams over heavy drums and guitar that Wolf Alice are known for, as Ellie sings the lyrics ‘Punch Drunk, Dumb Struck, Pot Luck, Happy Happy.’ This only exemplifies the ever-so-grunge aura this band possess and shows you one fantastic side of them.

The second track ‘She’ takes you right back to where Wolf Alice started. It’s much more upbeat and rocky with a bad-ass guitar riff that is complimented by a much stronger-sounding, confident vocal from Ellie. The 90’s sounding riffs and lyrics showcase the full catalogue of this band’s skills and how good they really are, although it’s clear that the rocky side of Wolf Alice is exceptionally strong.

Nosedive’ is my personal favourite from this EP and there are many reasons why. Not only are the vocals flawless, but the catchy riffs and drum beats in this song strike the perfect balance between surf and rock vibes that pull together to form one of Wolf Alice’s best songs yet. It is five verses of utter brilliance, that never stays the same long enough to become too repetitive, creating the perfect remedy for a catchy summer soundtrack.

The final track, ‘90 Mile Beach' finishes off this EP in a brilliant way, blending and showing off the bands best abilities. It fuses first-rate vocals with the superb guitar, bass and drum skills of the rest of the band creating a song that incorporates both the soft and calm side and the rocky/grungey side to them making it simply excellent.

Overall, this EP is incredibly impressive for their debut. With this release and their previous singles, Wolf Alice are on course to breakthrough any time now, and I for one cannot wait for their first album and an opportunity to witness this wonderful band live again.


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Drenge.  Meaning  “brothers” in Danish. Even their name goes along with their raw and guttural sound that has become a staple in the grunge scene.  Through their distortion and reverb heavy guitar riffs and eardrum pounding drum tracks, Eoin and Rory Loveless craft a perfect grunge picture of what life is like in rural Castleton just outside of Sheffield.  This fine piece of artwork can be found within their self-entitled  debut album, Drenge, released on 19th August 2013 on Infectious Records. Ripping through its 12 songs in 38 minutes like a hungry dog devouring its food, the album is like extended ride on the rollercoaster Stealth. By the time your ears will have reacted from the 38 minute pounding they’ve just had, the absolute awesomeness of what they’ve just experienced will have sunk in. Drenge’s album will leave you like a drug addict, incredibly high and gagging for more.

People In Love Make Me Feel Yuck: This song has every ingredient from the ideal album opening song cookbook. Setting the pace for the rest of the album, Eoin’s vocals make his voice box sound like it has been put in a food blender for an hour and then been set upon by an MMA cage fighter. Written about a girl who is oblivious to Eoin’s attempts to get her attention, the song is the complete opposite. It will definitely not fail to get your attention. 7/10

Dogmeat: Starting with a regimented military drumbeat, this song could be the theme tune to the Third World War. If the 300 Spartans had had a pre battle team talk and sing song before their battle against the Persians, this would have been it. Depicting big town life for a small town lad, it will certainly make it big in the big towns of music. 8/10

I Want To Break You In Half:  One of the shortest songs on the album, this distorted guitar riff almost sounds as angry as the lyrics themselves. “I want to meet you in the middle of the night, I want you to hate it” and “Make you piss your pants, I want to break you in half”.  You can’t help but feel that accomplished literary figures such as Shakespeare and Dickens would recoil in disgust from these vulgar lyrics, but in their own way, they are poetry that both would be proud of. A punk song that would have fitted right in with the likes of Stiff Little Fingers, this is one of the best on the album. 9/10

Bloodpsorts: With relatively subdued vocals from Eoin on this song, it is one of the most accessible and conventional rock songs on the album, but still not without the trademark cymbal smashing drum track from Rory. An awesome instrumental carries the song through its final minute that is sure to fire up live venues all across the country and fuel mosh pits until the early hours of the next morning; if Rory’s arms haven’t fallen off from all the intense drumming by then.  8/10

Backwaters: The best song on the album. No doubt. Just like there is no doubt that Arctic Monkeys certainly did not copy Connor Maynard’s song title for “R U Mine?”.  Describing monotonous life in Castleton, the lyrics such as “I catch a lift on the last bus home” make them relatable to virtually every single person who is or was once a teenager in any area of the country. The distressed and raucous guitar riff smashes through the song like a wrecking ball (it comes in like a wreeeecking ball), accompanied by Rory banging the drums so well it would make even Ian Brown reconsider naming his own song “He Bangs The Drums”.  10/10

Gun Crazy: The opening riff that splutters along has so many effects on it that not even Eoin knows the notes he is playing. With the main sing along parts encompassing everyone’s favourite live line to sing along to “wooooaaahhh”, this is certain to be a live favourite with fans.  One of the heaviest songs on the album, and with minimal singing, this 2 minute song is to your ears what Luis Suarez is to a defender, it’s got in and around you and scored before you knew he was there.  7/10

Face Like A Skull: Every album has to have one. The inevitable song about a failing relationship or girl problems. Eoin’s lyrics of “I don’t really care about the things that you like, but I’ll pretend I do because you love me when I lie” are similar to Noel’s from Married With Children “Your music’s shite, it keeps me up all night”. If you ignore the somber lyrics, the best riff of the album and yet another great drum track laid down by Rory, yet another first rate song is formed. 9/10

I Don’t Want To Make Love To You: “There is something I’ve got to do because I don’t want to make love to you”. There is something you will have to do to get this song out of your head after hearing it. The best chorus on the album, the idea of not wanting to make love to someone is a refreshing take on the sexist and disgusting lyrics of some rappers talking about how they want to make love to someone.  The energy in this song is so high that you’ll need a step down transformer in your room just to be able to play it through your speakers. 8/10

Nothing: This song is the polar opposite of what its title would suggest it is. If you were to describe this song, the answer would be “something”. The sadistic lyrics such as “Whack me in the shins and put a leach on my tongue bloodsucking” and then “I wanna do everything you morons say” have connotations of this song being aimed at someone or a group of people, perhaps even the music industry itself. They wouldn’t be the first band to write an angry song aimed at the music industry, after “All You People Are Vampires” by Arctic Monkeys, “Frankly Mr. Shankly” by The Smiths and “EMI” by The Sex Pistols. A Drenge song is not a Drenge song without top class guitars and drums, and this song does not disappoint. 8/10

Bye Bye Bao-Bao: With each note of the song lasting about an hour, Eoin must have broken his reverb pedal while recording this song. Four lines of lyrics make up the whole song, saying goodbye to something or someone that was called “Bao-Bao”.  Probably the weakest song on the album, it seems out of place among the rest of the songs. 5/10

Let’s Pretend:  Drenge’s take on Exogenesis Symphony Parts 1, 2 and 3 by Muse, “Let’s Pretend” is the nearest thing you will get to a ballad on this album. The longest song on the album and long for a song even on normal standards, the 8 minute and 3 second long track has the most traditional guitar and drums heard on a Drenge song, and has massive instrumental parts to please listeners. 7/10

Fuckabout: “This song is a fuckabout, not one to write home about”.  Perhaps this line is the one that sums up their songs and themselves best, they don’t take themselves too seriously and are destined for big things in the future. A great song to end the album on, it perfectly wraps up the album and the first chapter in Eoin and Rory Loveless’ musical careers. 8/10

If I were to say one bad thing about this album, it’s that they will have to produce something even better to beat it. 9/10 overall 

~Will Hunnisett~


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Given that so far this blog has focused on, for want of a better term, ‘alternative’ music, and stamped out any hint of pop music trying to reer its controversial and most likely glittery head, I thought I’d attempt to address an issue that honestly bugs me a lot. Why do people immediately shun “pop music” without listening to it, for fear of losing their aren’t-I-very-tasteful-indie tag? (I think they’re afraid of losing their #indiepoints #modpoints.) Without wishing to sound like a jumped up and opinionated 12-year old fighting for Chris Brown’s rights, this is basically genre prejudice. Whilst this does not mean I am urging you listen to SHIT like EDM,Chris Brown, Bastille, Jason Derulo and whatever else dominates the charts, I am urging you to be more open to the possibility that pop music can actually be more artful than Avicii has proven.

Some of the best albums ever are ‘arguably’ pop music. Good pop music is a blessing. As appealing as the mindset of Noel Gallagher et al. (Is all pop music is shite? Defy the system, only LADS from Manchester can make good music, kill ALL THE SYNTHESIZERS!!!1!1!), it is very short sighted. It’s also rather amusing that the same people repeating this mantra will then speak lovingly of Swim Deep and Peace = Pop music. They may say “people won’t be listening to Duran Duran in 50 years Catherine, but people will still listen to The Smiths”, but to that I would say, that some of us are partial to both. Pop music isn’t made to last, it’s immediate, it’s catchy, it’s a 3 minute earworm designed to make you go apeshit crazy and sing along when you hear it. Not all music has to be 6 minutes long, introspective and have you questioning life’s meaning over a guitar solo. As pleasant as that can sometimes be, when you go to a party or you’re generally looking for a good time, you’d far rather hear some classic MGMT or whisper it, some Kanye.

 I often see people online condemning popular music to the point that they would have it not exist at all, but in all honesty if pop music didn’t exist, anyone wishing to be cool would go out of their way to listen to it. People will always try to give the impression that they’re off the beaten track and mysterious, but they’re lying if they say they’ve never heard some frankly dreadful dance-pop-mess and wanted to hear it again a hundred times. Most of it won’t endure, but it will give you a good time for approximately 3 days, and for that reason it’s an art form unlike any other.  After that you’ll be sick of it and return to your Meat is Murder vinyl, and what’s more put it all over Instagram, but I defy anyone to pretend that they can resist the allure of pop music. It’s hedonistic, immediate and sparkly and shallow and mostly shit, but without it we wouldn’t recognise the good stuff, and without it every party would be end with Heaven Know’s I’m Miserable Now.

So all I’m trying to say is, stop rejecting pop music simply because millions of others have caught the dance-pop bug, and you’re too proud and ‘indie’ to admit that you have too. It’s okay to have musical weaknesses and know absolutely every word of the odd Mika song. I know I do. Just because millions of people along with a few radio stations have recognised a decent song and some talent, doesn’t mean you have a moral obligation to ignore it. Kurt Cobain won’t be turning in his grave. So now i’ve hopefully turned a rant that has fermented in my brain for ages into a half-deciperable few paragraphs. Ever wondered why I love Britpop so much? Keyword there being pop. Don’t be genre-ist.


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Jamie Cook is responsible for most of the magic that we listen to everyday from this generation’s favourite British Indie/Rock band Arctic Monkeys.
The band was formed over a decade ago and Jamie has been classed as a magnificent rockstar ever since; leading the main riffs and guitar solos and making this band what it is today.
But, of course, Jamie has not always been the sexy rockstar that has taken the world by storm with his three friends. He was once the awkward spotty teenager from England, just like most of us.
Jamie Robert Cook was born on 8 July 1985, making him 28 years old. He was born in High Green, Sheffield where most of the music, lyrics and stories take place.
Cook (alongside lead vocalist Alex Turner - his neighbour) taught himself how to play a guitar as he had received a guitar as a Christmas present in 2001. The two formed a band with Turner’s school friends Andy Nicholson and Matt Helders (GOD) and performed there first gig in The Grapes (Sheffield) in 2003.
Arctic Monkeys later went on to be signed in around 2005 and Cook took part in the backing vocals for songs like “Fake Tales Of San Francisco,” from the album Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not - the fastest selling album in Britain (selling 363,735 copies in it’s first week).
The band have been nominated and have won very many awards over the past couple of years. One Brit Award that the band had won had been left in Jamie’s refrigerator for quite a long time - quoted by frontman Alex Turner.
In 2006 Cook formed a relationship English glamour model Katie Downes who has appeared in the most popular lad magazines. Cook and Downes have been engaged since 2012 after their long-term relationship of 6 years.
Still to this day, Jamie Cook is one of many successful guitarists to come from Britain and of course each and every one of us have great expectations from him and his band in the future.


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